The comings and goings in life


I re-joined Facebook.

I deleted my account because of the data sharing issue, but returned because I missed connecting with friends and family (turns out my family is pretty quiet on FB lately). I returned because I live in British Columbia and they live in Ontario, so the distance thing is an issue. Also, I missed the friends I had on FB.

When I was a gamer, I had thousands of friends then I gave gaming up and a lot of them left (I encouraged them to leave if they were just gamers – no offense was taken. A few remained; namely those I chat with over the years). At the time I deleted my old account I had 200 to 300 “friends.” Now I have 50 or so friends and most of them are family. I am still trying to re-connect with those I used to chat with on a semi-regular basis, but I believe some of them have left FB. I may never re-connect with most of them, but such is life. People come into and out of one’s life throughout the course of the journey. It is just the way life is.

It really doesn’t matter in the long run. It won’t be long until Facebook is passé and it crashes and dies. It is just a matter of time (I really should get people’s contact information that I do not already have).

Any way the point is this, value your friends while you can. You never know what is coming up the pipe line. Don’t leave any regrets. You hear of people say, “I should have… told the person that you love them, that you valued the friendship, that they were special, etc. Don’t be one of these people that regret not speaking up.
—Robert Confiant 27 June 2018

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