You just left and I already miss you.

Your support these past few years was very much appreciated. I didn’t tell you how much your encouragement and friendship meant to me as often as I should have. I hope I this was the same for you. Friendship should be a two way prospect.

I have had “friends” who have used me for what they can get from me. In my insecurity, at the time, I let them believing it was better to have a friend than not. Thankfully, I learnt that friendship should be a mutual affair (I learnt this the hard way).

By the time I met you, or you met me, since I was employed first, I learnt that friendship is a two way thing. This, I hope you received the support and encouragement from me as I had from you.

You have gone on to bigger and greater pathway (You’re taking a trip of a lifetime first – congratulations and bon voyage). I wish you all the best in your endeavors. Please know that if you need to chat, or vent, then I will always be here for you, although not always in person (Thank-you chat app).

I want you to know, as you pursue this new adventure, that you have made a friend in me, and I in you. If you need me just call.

Your friend,
Robert (Bob) Confiant
31 July 2018

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