Limited data or How I am dealing with my smartphone addiction

Placeholder ImageWell for the second time since I owned a smart phone, I have reached the running out of date warning. The first time I ran out, I opted for data add-on (For an added fee of course; nothing is free any more. And if it is, then what’s the catch? There is always a catch. For example, free apps on your device come with either giving up one’s privacy rights or ads, or both).

This time I turned off my data. I will have to rely on free Wi-Fi. I will have to upload this post later because I have no data.

The issue withdrew Wi-Fi is that most hotspots are not secure (One can’t use anything which requires a logon, or shouldn’t – take this from an ex IT guy; the same goes for email. Never send anything truly confidential via email. I cannot tell you how many people provide their credit card information through email for applications at work. Email is an unsecured protocol. Never send stuff like this through email). But, I digress.

This relying on Hotspots sucks. Apps like Facebook, Instagram, or any app utilizing location eat up a lot of data. I have been using Facebook and Instagram a lot lately. I’ve deleted these apps and I will try to connect through my browser instead. Although, not as frequently obviously.

Its funny how addicted to our smartphones most of us have become. I just saw a new blip on this topic on this morning’s news.

It is a shame really; another disconnect from interacting with others in real life (IRL). Let’s be honest here. How many of you are tied to their phones? Do you answer every text, notification, or call to the detriment of your family meal, outings with friends? Do you walk and text, drive and text or look at your phone while driving or walking? Do you take a message or answer the phone while doing your business in the loo? See, we’re tied to our phones, at least for some of us, if not most of us.

This having to deal with limited data will be trying for me. I still have a week before my plans data cycle renews. I have decided to keep “Data saver” turned on after this week. I may not re-install some of the apps I have. In-fact, I may uninstall a few more.

Between our laptops, smartphones, and tablets (for those still using these), we are constantly connected. What does it say when we choose answering our device over interacting with family and friends? If you don’t already know, I will spell it out. It implies that they are not as important as those with whom you interact with online. Is this what we’ve come to? Is this what we wish to convey with our family and friends? I for one try not to interrupt my social outings, but I have a few times.

I am glad I have hit this snag of limited data. It has given me an opportunity to re-evaluate my habits and my addiction to my smartphone and its usage.
—Robert Confiant 20 August 2018

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