Old Photos, memories and life


My cousin (of all people) sent me a few old photos of her family with my mom, my mom and dad with some of mom’s extended family, a picture of me at fourteen, and one of my aunt and her nanny.

I don’t have many old pictures. I have managed to scrape up a handful to two, but that’s it (For my family and cousins reading this, if you have some, please scan them in if you can and forward them It would be greatly appreciated).

It’s strange that as one ages family history becomes important (This is particularly important for family health history as my doctor keeps asking me if so and so runs in the family).

One of the set of pictures I have is of my older brother. He was good to me. He taught me how to ride a bike, which provided an easier and faster method of getting around (rather than walking that is). I gave me some independence because I didn’t need a ride as often. He gave me my one and only driver’s lesson. It was too bad he moved so far away. I might have learned to drive a car if he hadn’t and that would have provided more independence.

When I first moved to British Columbia, people asked me all the time if I have been here, or there… I always replied, “No.” I didn’t want to bother anyone to take me. It wasn’t until I met my partner that I saw some of BC outside of Metro Vancouver, well except Victoria and one or two camping outings.

Anyway, the picture made me think of my family. Unfortunately, we aren’t as close knit as we were when mom was alive. She was the glue that held everyone together. It is not all her, people move on with their lives, but she always pushed the importance of family because her mother died while she was a toddler. It has been quite some time since my brother, father and mother passed away. Some days, not too often, but some days I miss them. “What I would give,” I think, to be able to talk to them again and get some sage advice from my parents. Alas, this isn’t possible, so I offer this advice to others out in cyberspace who have not experienced this loss yet, “Treasure your family and friends.” As mom always quoted me, “You can pick your friends, but you cannot pick your family. Your friends may come and go, but your family you are stuck with.”

As a gay man living, so far from the original nest, my friends have become my extended family. I treasure my family, and I am sorry to admit this, but we don’t always talk to each other as much as we should. Unfortunately, this sentiment has occurred with my friends as well, but I still value our friendship nonetheless.

Life is strange sometimes. In the future, I will have to try harder to stay in touch with those I care about. You should too.

—Robert Confiant 21 August 2018


PS: This blog post kind of side stepped there fire a bit, but I am not going to edit myself (well, except for grammar lol). It has been my experience that some topics need discussion, and need to come into the light, even if this discussion is just with oneself.

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