The news

I have been blogging for years (this site is recent). One thing you, the reader, doesn’t know about me is that I am a “news junky.” If I watch nothing but news, then I would be fine; I may change to different news agencies and channels, bit I would be okay.


Lately, I have become a bit agitated while watching the news. When I was younger, the news was done with impartiality whether it was the TV, newspaper, radio, or magazine. Each media gave the appearance of impartiality (I say this knowing deep down that the channel, radio station, newspaper, and magazine either leaned left (liberal), or right (conservative), or somewhere in between. In Canada the middle is likewise broken-down into small ‘c’ or small ‘l,’ or large ‘C’ or large ‘L’ depending on whether moderately is strongly conservative or liberal). So, yes, I knew each media regardless of the country was biased in how they presented the facts of the news story or article. We either sub-consciously or consciously accepted this presentation.

Back then; this bias wasn’t as blatantly presented, as it is today. Today, these companies don’t even pretend to be impartial. Most are proud to present the news with an agenda. Oh sure, I can name a few reports who attempt to present both sides of a story, but they are a dying breed. In the mass media, the news isn’t “news” any more. It is entertainment.

This becomes really event if you watch those 2, 3, or 4 hour news shows on the weekend. Most of the air time is with the cast either promoting a new show on their channel via presenting this as news, or their time is spent interacting with each other (this interacting fills most of the air time), or they have stories which, in my option, are not truly news worthy; for example, news reporter out in the field promoting some exercise routine, or dog show, or other “feel good” crap. So, now I’ve taken to recording these shows and skipping over the filler, but this gets exasperating after a while. So much so, I have reached a point where I wonder whether it is worth the effort to even both watching, never mind recording the news.

The bias of the news is very evident. No longer do they hide their agenda, just watch Fox (pro Trump) news or CNN (anti Trump) or, in Canada, read any newspaper, listen/watch the news they are either left leaning or right leaning. The evidence of their bias is “As plain as the nose on one’s face,” as the saying goes.
—Robert Confiant 23 August 2018

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