Do or do not, there is no try

“Do or do not, there is no try.” Yoda


When one has a physical limitation, or any limitation, these are words to live by. Unfortunately, in real life one discovers there are limitations as to what one is realistically able to do.

I may not always succeed, but I always give everything I do or everything I attempt my very best. I never give up easily. I often make several attempts at doing new things. I can’t skate for instance, although, God knows, I’ve tried. I mentioned this story before, so I will skip the monologue, and get to the gist of the story. After many, many attempts of no improvement, I threw in my skates. I guess I could have kept trying, but I didn’t see any point. I had plateaued and I never saw any improvement. If I had, then I probably would have stayed with it.

For me, this is the key. I require some sense of improvement when I strive to do something. If I don’t see any improvement, I generally give up.

Unlike fantasy movies and books, life has its setbacks. The key is to keep trying until it becomes evident that it is beyond one’s ability. We can’t do everything, or else we would all be able to do it all. We all have our individual gifts, skills, and traits which makes each of us unique.

I learnt my limitations after I have made numerous attempts. I wanted to try for track and field once. I asked my teacher and she said if I could run a mile under 5 minutes, then she would let me. I couldn’t meet the time, but I completed the mile (I remained stubborn until the end).

Unfortunately these trials and failures, and what with professionals (teachers, counsellors, etc.) telling me to be realistic about my career choices, I began to lose my confidence. I stopped trying new things. I never attempted alpine skiing, and by the last surgery, I lost the flexibility in my ankle and feared I would only hurt myself.

Doubt and fear are two obstacles blocking most people from trying new things. I should have kept trying thing when I was younger now I feel I am too old.

Unfortunately one cannot go back. I have to accept that I cannot do everything, and I have. As mentioned above, no one can do everything. We all have limitations, but one must give it their all before one tosses in the towel. I still try new things. I have done IT ( I learnt to program and repair computers). I have taken up writing and I have written a book and I have this blog. I have drawn a map for my novel. I find if there is a will to do something, then one can usually accomplish the task. The end result may not be perfect, but at least it gets done.

In my case, the method I use may not be the same as someone without a physical limitation, and it may take me longer to accomplish it, but I get it done. And this is what counts. It doesn’t matter how one does a thing, or how long it takes. It only matters that one accomplishes what one set out to do.
—Robert Confiant 4 September 2018

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