I tackled the cat

I tackled the cat the other day, so that I could do her front claws (It’s a process as she doesn’t like me clipping her nails). I wrestled her in the bathroom because I didn’t want her to escape. I locked her in with me. After I wrapped her in a towel, I began to clip her nail. She squirmed a bit, but then she settled down and let me clip them (The two on the sides were quite big as she would not let me clip them last time).

Terra block

Terra’s a funny girl. Every time I go to clip her nails she fights me. And every time I tell her that if she didn’t fight me, it would be over in a few moments. She gets upset with me afterwards, and she keeps her distance from me, but I can tell that she likes them clipped the next day (Especially, if I let them get too big).

Terra’s been sleeping with me a lot them past few days. She won’t stay all night because I turn too much throughout the night. I think she is sleeping with me because it is getting cooler at night. I will have to turn on the heat soon. Well, in the night time for sure. The day doesn’t seem to be too cool yet.

I like it when Terra sits near me, or she lies nearby as she is not a lap kitty. She can be a funny girl sometimes – laying on my keyboard when I am working on my laptop or following me about the condo as I clean (I never use heavy cleaners on the floor because she tends to walk on the floor after I wiped it).

On review, I should have called this post “Terra’s Behavior.” Oh well, it’s would not have been as catchy as the one I chose.
—Robert Confiant 30 October 2018

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