Getting philosophical


For every query there is an answer, although that answer maybe a long time coming. Some answers are easily Googled; while some require life experience, whether from learning through experience, or by asking someone else. Some questions maybe answered through learning; while still other questions maybe answered in another life (near or at the time of death). Full acknowledgement here, I grew up Catholic and then went Christian, and I currently state that I am “Spiritual,” in that I don’t practice any religion, but I believe in God. Hence is why I state, “Near or at death.”

I have always believed one should strive to better oneself, either from learning, reading, or asking questions. I think this is our main purpose in life. I have never stopped question – Why are we here? What is our purpose? What is the meaning of life? In my journey of self improvement, I have employed many resources. There is schooling, reading, the “School of hard knocks,” which seems to be my go-to method, to be quite frankly about it, and seeking answers from others either though discussion, or debate. The internet can be a great resource, but one must weed out the B’s by referencing, and questioning and weeding out the illegitimate answers.

I read a lot. The news, philosophical articles, fiction (a lot of Sci-Fi and Fantasy). One may be surprised just how philosophical Sci-Fi books can be. I actually took a course at university which discussed the philosophical issues mentioned in Sci-Fi novels called, “The philosophy of Science Fiction.” We discussed such issues as: Sentience, cognizance, the meaning of life and death, morality, time travel, etc. I t was an enjoyable and interesting course, although I read a lot, and wrote numerous long papers on these subjects.

But in self improvement, one cannot limit oneself to just learning. One should consider how one interacts with other people. We are a social being after all – No one is an island. So, interacting with others is an important aspect of life. I strive for the motto, “Treat others as you would like to be treated.” This notion is not easily lived by, but I do my best to keep this tenant. For someone of little patience, this is not an easy task, but I keep trying to improve. Trust me, sometimes this is difficult to do as I am not always patient with others. Still, I have to keep at it. I am good at keeping at things.

I will be on the journey of self improvement until my dying breathe. It is how I have lived my life. I do not see this changing at this stage of life.
—Robert Confiant 17 December 2018

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