I have to work today

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I am working today. Normally I would be off, but I had to move my compressed day (CD): We get a CD every fortnight because we work extra time each day. I was off on Monday this week which felt a bit weird.

My co-worker mentioned yesterday that I must feel strange to be working on my CD, but I told him that I didn’t mind working since I don’t work my CD very often (rarely actually). I told him that the reality of my working today will occur next week when I have to work the full week (next Friday). Also, we are a good work team. We have each other’s back. I guess one may say, “We are team players.” I know this sounds cliché, but we really are.

These last three, or four, have seen a lot of changes in our department. People have retired and there have been vacancies in between (sometimes with large gaps between each of the hiring process). For some departments this might not be a big issue, but my department is small, so any vacancies and/or people on vacation affect us. The remaining crew usually pick up the slack (the work load rarely changes). On the whole, I would say we’re a good team; although, it can get stressful at times.

With my working today, it just feels like a normal day. Next Friday when I have to work, then the reality will sink in and I will dislike having to get up for work.
—Robert Confiant 1 February 2019

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