A better commute this morning

The SkyTrain was slow this morning; apparently, they are driving them manually (the system is automated and the snow keeps triggering the sensors; thus, the trains shut down? So, the train system is being overridden and the trains are being driven manually.

The roads; however, are clear of snow, so the buses are running well. Although, the drivers a driving more cautiously, i.e., more slowly. I am making okay time though. I may be a little bit late. It can’t be helped. I leave early as it is. I cannot leave much earlier than I already do without getting up an hour or two earlier than I already am.

I do the best I can there are only two or three buses earlier than the one I take. I can’t walk to the SkyTrain station in this weather; most of the sidewalks are not shoveled.

It seems I, like Vancouver, don’t do well in snow.
— Robert Confiant 13 February 2019

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