A better commute this morning

The forecast called for more snow last night. Luckily, it was only a dusting and most forecasters got it wrong. The commute into work is going easier this morning. Although, the bus was a little late and as a result it is crowded. I got a seat, which is good as I could not stand the whole trip to work.

It’s snowing steadier out this way (Richmond). There wasn’t much in New Westminster. I am beginning to wonder if I should have stayed home. “The deed is done,” I think I’ve been reading/watching too much Sherlock Holmes LOL. I will worry about it later today. I am the only clerk in until Thursday, so I feel an obligation to make it in to work. Besides, we’ve been crazy busy. There have been a lot of applications coming in both new and changes. I have managed to keep up, but my other work is lacking; although, I have been trying to do a bit of those duties too. It hasn’t been easy. I sure hope they hire someone so, but it probably won’t happen until March sometime (eight months the job will have been vacant). Oh, well.

The bus is moving slow and steady. Richmond is experiencing more snow. As long as I get to work safe, I don’t care how long the trip to work takes. It gives me time to write. I love to write when I get time.

This think, this writing, it balances my normal “9 to 5” existence. It keeps me going. I found the one thing that makes my day-to-day existence bright; although, I do have a good home life and a loving partner and a pet. Life overall is good. No complaints.

Robert Confiant 12 February 2019

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