I find one cannot go back

This weekend, a guy on Facebook posted a video where the contractors’ had boarded up his old neighborhood court prior to demolition. They are redeveloping the project I grew up an area at a time. This got me Googling my old court house. It was still intact, but the court beside ours was redeveloped with a condo/low income own-to-buy.

I got to thinking about our next house, a small bungalow. It hadn’t change much except a separate side entrance to upstairs and an influence big ass tree in the front desperately requiring trimming.

It is sometimes good to look at the old neighborhood where one grew up or lived in; however, one can never really go back. I know. I tried it once or twice. It never truly felt the same. Years ago, I met an old childhood friend, who before he moved away was one of my closest friends. The two visits we had were good visits, but we never truly connected on the level we once shared. We were older and we went on to live different lives which we never shared. Time moves on and people change. It’s that simple. We were no longer kids with childhood issues such as getting through school. We were adults trying to etch out our careers and to find someone to share our lives with (Well, he was anyway. I wasn’t dating, nor wanting to). Long story short, we were heading down different paths.

I learned then that one can never go back no matter how much one would like.
— Robert Confiant 19 February 2019

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