Things are improving

I do not talk about work much here on my blog; however, after eight months of vacancy, they finally hired someone to fill the vacancy in our department. She started this past Monday. My co-worker and I have been showing her the ropes. I share some duties with that position, so I have been showing her my duties. The other person has started showing her his duties. We’ve been doing it in bits as we don’t want to scare her off LOL.

The new person will help relieve some of the workload that the sign guy and I have been experiencing over the months. I am already getting back to some of the duties I have been neglecting. It will still take me a while to clear up some of the backload, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. We are finally up to full staff. It is still early days, but if she likes the job after her probationary period. I believe she will be a good addition to the group and this will be a big relief.

I am in a happier place.
—Robert Confiant 3 May 2019

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