Hairy chested men

As a gay man, I have always been envious of men with hairy chests as mine is non-existent. I am not too sure why this is because most of the males in my family have hair. Perhaps it was because I was born pre-maturely, perhaps not. Who can say?


I still do not have a hairy chest, but I am growing hair on my belly that wasn’t there years ago, so that is something at least. I am getting more hair everywhere but my chest, but that is another story – It’s called, “Aging,” apparently. LOL. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I have a thing for guys with hairy chests. Maybe it stems from the fact that I do not have a hairy chest myself.

When I came out and I started clubbing in Vancouver. I used to go to the “Leather” and “Bear” type bars. My main pub was the Fountainhead Pub, but I did not go there for cruising. I went there to drink and to socialize, and If I got lucky, then all was good. It wasn’t part of the agenda. Hitting the other bars, on the other hand, was strictly for cruising. Although, I was never got lucky at those bars ☹. I think I found it more difficult to socialize and talk at these bear-type bars. Anyway, I still went to these bars.

I will probably never have a hairy chest. It’s just the reality of things. I do have a hairy belly and although my belly is deflating, the hair will always remain.

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