Many pathways

Don’t give up on your dreams. Your dreams are important. Find your passion in life. If you can find your passion and make it a career, then all the better.

There are many pathways which lead to one’s destination some are harder than others, but the all lead to the same place. Your goals are the same. If you want it badly enough, then there will be a way.


I wrote when I was younger – poetry, then I gave it up because at the time it was detrimental to my health, or I viewed it as such because my writing was dark stuff and I was suffering from depression. I didn’t at the time see it as a release out let so I gave it up. I wish I hadn’t because I rediscovered it and I began to take up writing more seriously. I have been writing for almost fifteen years now. Over the years, I have seen great improvement with my writing skills. I can only imagine how much better I would be if I had stayed with it from the beginning.

It’s strange how writing became the thing that I truly enjoy. It makes everything else I do worth wild. It is my passion. Everyone should find their passion. It makes life so much better. I never considered writing to be something I strived to do, or to be my dream, but now I do. I wish I hadn’t given it up before.

I found my passion. I hope you find yours, and when you do, don’t give up.

—Robert Confiant 5 May 2019

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