Work vs writing (It’s been crazy busy)

It’s crazy busy at work. I seem to be handling it okay, so that’s good. It sure makes the day go by.
I think one of the things which has helped make things easier is knowing I only have two more years of this. I won’t be around for a third, “A light at the end of the tunnel,” kind of thing. I deserve it as the last two years, or so have been a bit stressful and things at work have not really slowed down very much.
I also have a “Fuck it,” additude as I have come to the realization that there is only so much I can do. For the most part, I give, “An honest’s days work,” when I go into work. I am pragmatic about this as the work load has increased and it needs to be done, so I just plow through the work
My writing, doing this, helps balance things out as writing is something that I love to do. Work can be a bit of a hum drum in that for the most part it is the same duties day in and day out. I am not saying that every day is the same; they cannot be as each system varies with each new person I interact with – I do customer service.
My true love though is writing. Writing of this, and my health blog gets easier with each passing week. I only wish my other writings went ass smoothly, and they probably would if I spent more time with writing them. I just re-elected my first book. It is still not perfect (they never really edited the novel properly, but it is an improvement).
I am glad the day is done. I’m gone for a beer or two.Robert Confiant 8 May 2019

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