Music de-stresses me

Music may calm the wildest beast, but for me it helps me de-stress. When I get stressed out after a hard day, one of the things that helps me unwind, other than alcohol, is music.

As a youngster, I would listen to the AM Chum music station’s Top 40 list. When I started middle school. I signed up for the band. I started out as 3rd clarinet. I really liked it as I got introduced to other sounds and musical styles. By the time I hit high school, I got to 2nd clarinet and I also joined the choir, then later I took up classical guitar. I was never anything special. I could carry my own. The one thing taking all these music courses did; however, was introduce me to all types of music. Today, I have an eclectic range of music. I enjoy different genres, and sounds.

When I am stressed out. I like to chill by listening to music. It’s funny though, I never know what I will listen to until I start listening to music which is why I enjoy YouTube so much. YouTube let’s me choose whatever I feel like. Lately, I like listening to late 1960s and 1970s bands accompanied by orchestrated ensemble. I love classical music and I enjoy the orchestrated sounds, so putting rock with the big orchestra sound is awesome.

I have been drinking more these past two days – it’s the stress – the stress was getting too much. Up until then, I was doing good with my drinking one beer every two to four weeks. I am sure I will return to a less frequent consumption of alcohol – not that I was overdoing it. Still, I want to lose at least another thirty pounds, so I cannot return to my old drinking habits.

Anyway, I will return to music as a means of de-stressing. What should I listen to next?
—Robert Confiant 10 May 2019

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