What I am working on

I was back to writing my book series this past weekend. I am just editing what I previously wrote to familiarize myself to what I had previously written. I got a bit emotional at one point. I hope my future readers will as well.

It feels good to be back at it. This craft called, “Writing,” for me is enjoyable. I know I have been away from writing the sequel to my Lendaw series, but readers of this blog know, I haven’t quite writing during my absence from writing the book. It was time to get back to the story and if I can in the next year, or so, complete the series. This is the game plan in the short term.

If I know myself correctly, then staying the course will be tricky. I tend to get “Dora,” (from the move “Finding Nemo”), or as my former cohort used to say, “Squirreled.” I will keep either temporary forget my plan to complete the first draft of my series and move onto other things, or I will get distracted with some other style of writing, or other story genres. I can only promise that I will do my best to stay focused on the series.

 It was good to meet up with old friends and to rediscover what is occurring in their lives. I never truly leave even when I pause my writing. They always seem to make an appearance in my mind every now and then. I should have heeded their yearning long ago, then I would have been finished and moved on. There are other things I wish to write. I have some ideas already noted. Some may come to fruition while others will die on the page. I only know that I don’t wished to be tied to an “one character” series. 

For one thing, I have multifaceted interests, and for another, from the beginning of my journey into writing I have always written, poems, verse, short-stories and now novels. These styles of writings will always be on my repertoire, which is another reason I get sidetracked. I write what I want, when I want. I never know what style I will write until I start writing.

At least this blog post was written while I was taking transit. A quick edit at home and then I will post this to the blog. I will eat when I get home, then sit down to continuing the editing of the second book.
—Robert Confiant 21 May 2019

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