Metaphysics and all that

Have you ever wondered what it’s all about – This thing called life?

I was religious growing up. I even considered the priesthood once upon a time. In university, I took philosophy as my electives. The philosophy courses were interesting. I took women issues, a philosophy of Science Fiction, Metaphysics (the study of reality and being), Ethics, and Epistemology (the study of knowledge), so yeah, I’ve wondered what this thing called, “Life” is all about. I still do think about this stuff sometimes, and I think it sometimes shows up in my blog posts at times.

But what is studying without it being practical? I am still learning. Over the years since university, I have taken computer programming course, which helped me get into IT as a software tester. I have taken a grammar refresher course and other creative writing related courses which aided in my self-publishing an SFF/YA novel, and now my working on book 2 as well as maintaining this blog. I will probably always be learning and self-improving; however, now this is accomplished by either the “school of hard knocks” aka real life, or by reading. Either way, I am not afraid of change. In fact, change has become sort of my life tenant with my goal of always trying to figure things out and to self-improve.

I no longer do the religious thing, nor did I continue with the philosophy thing. I still believe in God; I just view the whole issue differently. As for philosophy, well asking questions and seeking answers is a derivative of being philosophical (meaning that philosophy is within this questioning and answering), so too is the God thing, I would assume as well – albeit indirectly.

To know life, one needs to live life.
— 25 May 2019

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