Busy, busy

I am on the bus and I am writing… what else is new. LOL.

I started a new drug on the weekend and my face, nose and mouth are almost cleared of sores.

I had gained 4lbs, but I have since lost them. I am back at 210lbs. I am at the last notch of my belt and I will soon need a new belt, or punch holes in this belt. It’s a shame really because it’s a good quality belt, and with me back on the “weight lost” track, I  don’t wish to spend a lot on clothes that I  will just shrink out of. Oh well, there is always VV Boutique. LOL.

Overall, feel good; things are good. I am losing weight again. I am walking more (I am still not in great shape, but I better than I was 6 months ago). I also want to start hitting the gym. I do not care for the exercise room at my condo, but there is no sense in signing up for a gym membership; it will have to do.

I have started a new book, and I am almost finished the second chapter; I have an idea for the third chapter and hope to finish it by Saturday. The new book will be a Suspense/Thriller. I am also plucking away at the Lendaw sequel, so it looks like I will be alternating between the two different books, and two different genres.
—Robert Confiant 6 June 2019

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