What’s in my crazy head sometimes

I once took a Philosophy of Science-Fiction course at university. In it we would discuss some of the philosophical topic which the story related. If you are a reader of Sci-Fi, then you will note some time travel paradox, or some moral imperative dilemma which is discussed or debated, and/or is in need to be acted upon; write and discussed on said topic a 1500-word essay. When writing a philosophy paper, it is very important to be precise and concise; there can be not generalizations, assumptions, nor vague examples. The reason I thought of this is because I am currently reading “The Sun is Also a Star,” by Nicola Yoon. In the book, a character mentions the Grandfather Paradox. “The name comes from the paradox’s common description: a person travels to the past and kills their own grandfather before the conception of their father or mother, which prevents the time traveller’s existence. Despite its title, the grandfather paradox does not exclusively regard the contradiction of killing one’s own grandfather to prevent one’s birth. Rather, the paradox regards any action that alters the past, since there is a contradiction whenever the past becomes different from the way it was”¹ (an interesting philosophical conundrum in, and of, itself.

So yeah, I am reading; this is just one of the zany things that come to my mind as I read. —Robert Confiant 7 June 2019 ________________________________

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