OMG! Save your work

I have been crazy busy with work, but also with my writing. I have been writing on transit, when I get home. I have written almost three chapters this week. If I keep at this pace, then I will have another by the end of the weekend.

The only issue, I closed down my laptop without saving my work first. I know, it was a stupid move. I am not too sure why, but I wasn’t too panicked about it. Luckily, I remembered most of what I had written last night and I just finished jotting it down.

Save your work.
—Robert Confiant 19 July 2019

3 thoughts on “OMG! Save your work

  1. 🙂 If you utilize Microsoft Word or LibreOffice Writer for the purpose of writing content, your work will be saved even though you closed the lid on your laptop computer (Maybe, you could try any of that two software in the near future).


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