Keeping track

How do you keep track of characters, places, story events and general outline while working on a novel?

I don’t use anything fancy. I use SimpleNote. The app let’s me track what I have written and it allows me quick access to points I have written. It is also available online which allows me to work on the novel anywhere I want. I used to use Evernote, but the app got too fancy for my liking, so I switched to SimpleNote. I like its simplicity.

I am not trying to promote one app over another here. I was just curious, as a writer, what are most other writers using to keep track of story development.

A curiousity…
Robert Confiant 20 July 2019

2 thoughts on “Keeping track

  1. Lots and lots of bits of paper with multi-coloured writing. I use my laptop (just word 365) for longer information like character descriptions, but for the plot I need it to be a physical thing I can play around with. I do a terrible job of belonging to now! 😉


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