At a crossroads and new beginnings

I have never been good with finances. It’s time I changed that.

Even up until today, I have had the urge to buy something online. I don’t know how, or why it happened, but I questioned if I needed said product – I didn’t. So, I didn’t purchase it. It’s strange, today’s society at least the consumerism part, encourages to spend. I bought into this for a long time. Somewhere along the way, I equated having things would make me happy. This never happened. It took me a long time, but I see this as the fallacy it is.

In-fact since I have moved a lot over the years, every year, or two, I purge the things I haven’t used or seen over the year, or so. It’s my way to prevent hoarding. I either give it away to others or donate it to the needy.

Today is a new day, and it has provided me with a new insight (at least for me): Do I want or do I need? Today, I have decided to go with need from here onward.  With this change there is another skill that I wish to learn and to master – my finances. I want to become better with this.  I do so for practical purposes; first my partner is retiring next year and second I won’t be too far behind (in about 2.5 years). Also, we have decided to sell our condo and purchase further outside the Greater Vancouver Area (buy sell high and buy lower kind of thing). With these changes, I realize that we won’t have the income we currently enjoy. I need to make changes, and so, I might as well start now.

I, also, realized that I was buying stuff in the hope it made me feel better, and to be truthful, the action of buying things does make me feel better though this turns out to be only momentary, fleeting, and transient. The endorphins I feel are here in one moment and gone the next.

I am learning, and as I always have since the being of my existence, I am learning the hard way. It’s a start. Actually, I am considering this to be my new beginning.

Here’s to a new start.
—Robert Confiant 31 July 2019

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