Trade offs

It’s 3:15 am (the second time I have been up tonight). I never sleep through the night any more. Because of the one medication I take, I have to stay hydrated for it to work correctly. Otherwise, I get muscle cramps. Because of all the drugs I take, I need to “go” frequently. Thus, I am awake, again. This is getting tiresome (Yes, pun intended here).

I get up two times a night, sometimes it’s three times. Usually, I fall back to sleep without any issues. Sometimes, like now, I do not get back to sleep so easily. It can get frustrating, but there isn’t much I can do. If I don’t stay hydrated, then the Dantrium doesn’t work as effectively.

The reality is, I require the medications I take.  Even though they inconvenience me, they work for the most part, so in the long term, the minor side effects are worth it. Like life where our choices choose one path over another; my taking medications, I am afraid to say, comes with trade offs. I either stop taking the meds, and return to the issues that they treat, or I continue to take them and suffer any inconvenience that come with them.  I choose the former.

It turns out that having to take my medications equates with every day life choices. In that, there will be trade offs.
—Robert Confiant 1 August 2019

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