Change is gonna come

We’re downsizing, if one wishes to call it that, we’re actually minimizing. We’re beginning to set things in motion.

Moving truck

We are selling our condo in the Fall. We’re hoping to get a bigger place for a lesser price. This means moving further out the Greater Vancouver Area. It will mean sacrificing for a little while in order to be mortgage free in a few years. I don’t actually plan to retire until two and a half years. But the decision has been made and we’ve began the process. It’s another move; it’s another beginning and I hope our final, forever home.

Life is strange. For me, this will be my 10th move since I moved here in 2000. That’s a lot of moving in almost 20 years, or pretty close to this, by the time we sell and move.

New beginnings, I am not afraid of change. The act of moving and other changes in my life have helped me learn to embrace change. I have become philosophical about it. I have learnt long ago that people come and go into one’s life. For whatever reason, I have found this tenant to be true. Whether by chance or on purpose people touch our lives only to eventually leave again. It’s inevitable. People have their own lives. Lives are messy thing which pull each one of us along our individual paths. These roads meet and later diverge; this is what life is all about.

Change, I guess I found it easy just to go with it. The change in careers over the years from Janitor, to clerk, to fast food counter help, then student, then Software tester, then clerk, and finally customer service clerk – all these career changes – helped with this as well.

It’s been a lot of change for an old guy; it hasn’t been too bad.

There are somethings one will be able to change and other events that one will not expect nor be able to control. My advice for life is to make the best of things and just go with the flow.
—Robert Confiant 5 August 2019

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