Back at it

I went back to work yesterday. It was the shortest two weeks ever. Why do vacations seem to fly by? Oh well, it was nice to be off. I needed the break.

I didn’t do as much writing as I thought I would. I write one chapter and started another. I didn’t read a lot either. I just chill-axed, as I previously said, “I needed the break.”

Although I didn’t do a lot, it was a good time. I visited friends on the island for two nights. It was great to see them.

I did spend some time trashing some of the stuff I haven’t seen in a while. We are preparing to sell the place and I am using this as an excuse to downsize our stuff and restart anew.

Sometimes, one needs to care for oneself first before they can move forward.
—Robert Confiant 13 August 2019

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