On the move again…

We’ll, it looks like we’re starting again. We’re on the move. The place is going up for sale.

This was always the plan. We didn’t even put up pictures after we moved in. We got in the market late you see. We need to pull out some of the equity from the place and put down a bigger down payment on our next place.

We also want a two bedroom instead of our current one bedroom. This will earn moving further out of the Vancouver area. Even if it is somewhat in the “Bible belt.” One of the cities we’re considering moving to just turned down a rainbow crosswalk in its city. I am almost more determined to relocate there. Look out world, the gays are coming. LOL.

Oh look, we’re already here:

We’re moving outside the Vancouver area because we’re being pragmatic about it.

Seriously though, I am looking forward to finding our forever home.
—Robert Confiant 4 September 2019

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