Working for the man (the same old routine)

It’s weird. I do the same old routine; Monday through Friday, I go to work (I got to pay them bills). Don’t a lot of us? On weekends, I generally stay home. I either clean the condo or I write, or read (reading is the converse of writing which one requires to hone ones craft).

It may sometimes seem like a boring life, and to be frank, it sometimes is boring; however, I enjoy writing. I don’t consider it work. If I did, I probably already given it up by now (I am not the kind of person to stay with something I dislike).

I also won’t stay with anything in which I don’t see some improvement in. I gave up trying to learn to ice skate at fourteen because I wasn’t improving over the number of years. I tried to learn to skate.

I have been writing more seriously for almost fifteen years now. I have taken a grammar course (for review). This was very beneficial. I highly recommend this if one is seriously considering enter writing as a profession, or as a hobby. I have also taken a number of creative writing courses. I could always use more, but I am older and I have taken my share of studies over my life time. I am tired of studying. Sometimes, it is more important to do rather than just think, or talk, about doing whatever one wishes to do whether as a career or a serious hobby. I have reached this point of “doing” quite a while back.

So if I am working “for the man,” as they say, then so be it. I balance that with writing which is something I thoroughly enjoy. I just wish I had stayed with writing as a youngster (I wrote poetry as a teen and in my early twenties, but gave it up because a lot of stuff I wrote was dark and I suffered from depression at that time).

I have since made up for this gap, but I sometimes wonder what I could have been if I stayed with my writing. Oh well, one cannot turn back the hands of time. There is no sense to dwell non things one cannot change. I am writing now, and that is the important thing.

I may have made mistakes or poor judgments with my choices in my life, but overall I am happy with how things turned out.
—Robert Confiant 12 September 2019

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