I should be happier than I feel

It’s strange. I should be happy, but the daylight saving time and the early wintery weather is decking havoc on my psyche.

I have been good the last 5 or so years (probably even much longer. I felt like I have conquered Raincouver’s winters. This year, though, I am beginning to wonder if I had indeed conquered the winters here. Rain season started a month earlier than usual, and lately the mornings and evenings are chillier than usual (Either that, or I have become de-acclimatized to the colder temperatures – I have become a wimp). Either way, I am finding it more difficult to deal with this year; it is still too early in the season. I will have to find some method to deal with my emotions and moods. I will have to keep observant. I have tricks to deal with my depressed mood should it persist.

That’s the one thing about depression. For me they come in bouts. Luckily, as I have states, it’s been quite a number of years; since, I have had any serious bouts, and also, I have tricks which help me to cope.

Perhaps it’s just the stress I am feeling because of the workload and the stress of moving, or having to move. I will be glad when the move and when we are up to full staff in our department.

Anyway until then, I will just have to cope as best I can.
—Robert Confiant 6 November 2019

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