What I am working on (back at it)

I have a title, but it may change before I am done. Here’s a sample of what I am working on:

The meal was brief. Brad had an appointment to keep, so we depart a little over an hour later. I really don’t have much to do today. I take the subway to Times Square. I don’t know what possessed me; I just go with it. At the top of the flight I pause looking around before heading to the Theater District shops.

The sidewalk is busy this time of day; more so than is commonly normal. Someone bumps into my shoulder. I turn to look who it was; the gentleman stops.

“Sorry ma’am,” as he tips his hat.

I look up to see his face. I almost laugh, though I quickly catch myself, “That’s okay Senator.”

“Is there a funny I am missing?”

I giggle a bit, “No, it’s just…” I hesitate on how to put it, “It’s just, your name came up at lunch with a friend. I was just thinking what a small world it is.”

The Senator is standing in front of me probably wondering who the nut in front of him was. His entourage stands behind him. There were three men in dark suits, the one, I assume to be the leader, looks at his watch. Clearly, they are impatient to get moving along. The Mr. Watch taps the Senator on the shoulder. The Senator turns around and whispers something to the man in black, “One minute,” as he holds up his index finger.

The Senator turns back to me, “Are you all right ma’am?”
“I am fine. It’s my fault as much as yours. I should have been paying more attention to where I was going.”

“Have we met before? I never forget a face.”

“Briefly, at Peter Luger’s quite some time ago.”

“Ah yes, you’re Lilly’s friend.”

“You do have a good memory,” as, subconsciously, I begin to play with my hair then catch myself then smile.

“Ah yes, I remember asking Lily about you…” The man in black whispers something, “Look, I have to go. We are in a bit of a hurry. Why don’t we go for a drink sometime? Lily states you’re good with numbers. I require a numbers person for my campaign, here is my card; give me a call if you are interested.” He hands me his card, turns to the gentlemen in front and they rush off. And, with that, the Senator and his goon squad quickly set off down the sidewalk leaving me to stand there bewildered.
— Robert Confiant 8 November 2019

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