Last outing in town (while I still live here)

I met a few friends for dinner and a few drinks last night.

I haven’t seen them for quite sometime. I guess I could have tried to see them more often, but we both live in the same city and we’re not too far from one another. I didn’t want to over welcome myself, so I did the opposite which in hindsight was probably a mistake. My partner came along, he is more of an introvert than I. I am more of an extrovert and I require social interaction to make me feel good.

I recently had this discussion about requiring social interaction with a co-worker a few weeks ago. She told me I was doing a disservice to myself by not being my authentic self and shutting myself off – she had a point. I suffer from depression and one of its manifestations is shutting myself off from others. So, doing this could trigger a bout of depression which it did (kind of). A few weeks ago, I wasn’t in a good state, although I am very much better now. This friend made me promise to be more social and to get out more. Something I intend to do more. My game plan, once I move, is to hang out in coffee shops on weekends to do my writing.

We are moving, my partner and I, to a new city further out into the country side. It was time. It was a sensible move. We are looking forward to the new beginning. We went out last night to meet friends because that was the last-time we’d be sharing out time while living in the same city (if that makes sense). Although, it was probably just an excuse to get together LOL (Any excuse for a party, or get together).

Any way, I had a good time. It was great seeing my friends. I have the best friends a man could ask for. They have my back.
—Robert Confiant 23 November 2019

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