There are some things that one should not say (nor note down)

There are some things one should not say (nor write about), either because they just shouldn’t, or because it would hurt someone.

There are some things that should remain confidential. I know, in this world of social media, it is easy to, “Put it out there.” But, there are times where doing so (Putting it out there) is wrong. As a writer – those of you who write will know this – and as such, writes what I know (As most of us writers do), it is tempting to write about all topics even topics which should not be shared. I do my best to curtail myself. I hadn’t always, but I do now, although some would say, “I am still not trying hard enough🙂.”

What can I do? I write. Some of what I experience and some of what I know is bound seep out in my fictional, or my autobiographical blog topics.

I take the really hushed stuff off line now and I PM (personal message) the person as I should.
—Robert Confiant 8 January 2020

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