I didn’t do much of anything over the holidays

I had twelve days off at Christmas including weekends, and I didn’t do much of anything.

Prior to the holidays, I had lots of plans to write. I relaxed instead.

In hindsight, I think I was too burnt out to do much. It has been extremely busy at work. It still is now that I have returned this week. It doesn’t appear things will slow down either.

There were times throughout the year where there would be slow times. Alas, I fear those days are gone. Last year, we never got a slowdown period at work. It seems we won’t get one this year as well.

We’re bringing on more staff which will just create more work for me. I am the first contact for our department. I am one of two clerks. Well technically, I am the only clerk. The other positions is a hybrid position which just means that person does more work but with only a bit of difference in pay. It’s still more than what I get, but only just.

Anyway I only have a little over two years left, and then I will retire early. I can take up writing full time then. In the meantime, I will do my best to put stuff out there.
—Robert Confiant 9 January 2020

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