I am writing

Plugging away at it…

I am on Chapter 15 of my political thriller. It is going well. I am more editing and adding detail to what I have previous written. I don’t know about other writers, but I am very terse with my writing.

I am a “get to the point” kind of guy. Where some writers write so much detail it leaves nothing for the reader to imagine. I think I am the extreme opposite. I don’t give much detail at all. I need to add a bit more detail. I add some scenery though only enough to set the scene. I do the same for characters.

I write just enough to introduce the character and not really enough to show whether the character is likeable or not. It is here where I need to improve. This is what I am current attempting to do.

It’s a tricky process. I don’t wish to write more words just for the sake of adding more words to my word count. I want to make every word count and have meaning; the words need to be relevant to the story.

It`s a tricky balance.
—Robert Confiant 6 February 2020

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