The need to be consistent in one’s writing time

I am writing using a phone app. I brought my tablet, but I decided to use the phone. I brought the tablet so that I may work on the novel. I decided to write a blog post instead and the phone is easier to work from. It is strange how things occur sometimes.

I have always written whenever I feel the urge to write which is why, there are gap times between when I write and when I don’t write. I need to change this. I need to be more consistent.

Juggling and making time to write

This is hard to do when one’s work day consists of a two hour commute each way. It makes for a tiring work day. Thus, I am trying to be more productive with my commute time which is why I have time to write this blog post. I just need to work on the novel more. I am finding it easier to state that I need to write more on the novel that to actually do.

I guess I will just write every day and do the best I can with the novel work.
—Robert Confiant 11 February 2020

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