A weekend in the life…

I had a “four day” weekend last weekend. It was just what I needed. I did errands on Friday: Blood work at the lab, and grocery shopping, on Saturday and Sunday I split the cleaning, and finally, on Monday cooked dinner and prepped a meal for tonight. I also reviewed my previous writing and edited some parts. I am now ready to continue writing on my novel. It was a productive weekend.

Balamcing Time

I did take sometime to chillax. I watched Doctor Who and surfed YouTube videos off and on.

It was busy today with it being the first day back to work after a long weekend. It always is busy back at work when there has been an extended weekend. I don’t feel like doing much, so I decided to post my doings on the blog. I know, an exciting life…😂.

It may not seem exciting, but for me it is sufficient. I love to write. It fills a need I don’t get with my regular job. Don’t get me wrong, I like my job. I think I am good at it, and I give an honest day’s work. In fact, I would say that I am a hard worker.

Nothing completes me like writing does. I really get a kick from it. I never consider it work, although some days the writing flows easier than other days.

It the commute that cuts into my writing time. Luckily, since I have finished my review, I can write on transit using a phone app. It’s not the best solution, but it’ll work until I retire in a little over two years. Until I do retire, this weird schedule will have to do.
—Robert Confiant 18 February 2020

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