A new plan


I completed chapter two of my memoir and began chapter three this morning. I
am writing, and I came up with a new plan.


Currently I have three works on the go with none of them completed. I have
decided to alternate between each novel: my memoir, the suspense/thriller novel
and the sequel to The Crux. By alternating between each work, I hope to
complete the first draft of each. Each book is in a different state of
completion, so I should finish one or two first drafts before I have completed
all my first drafts. Writing this many works at one time will be a daunting
task. Especially, as I still work full-time. Luckily, I hope to retire in two

A lot of how I write is dependent on how I feel. I write only if I feel like
writing. I figured out was the wrong attitude to have. I realized that if I
wish to write then I must just do it, so here I am doing just that; I am

I also gave up Facebook and I have been trying to avoid YouTube as it has a
habit of wasting a lot of my time. I didn’t just give up Facebook because it
was using up my time. I gave it up because most people I know either stopped
using it or cancelled it. Besides, my family didn’t care for me posting stuff.

With me continuing with the writing, I just hope I get a bite. I would love
it if I managed to get something, anything, published by then (even if it is just a short
story or poem). I will see; one can dream, can’t they?
—Robert Confiant 20 June 2020

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