I am working

I have been writing. I am working on my novels: “People Always Ask Me,” “Remains of the Day” (maybe re-titled poly thriller), and “Dragon Fire” (Book 2 of Lendaw Series). Well maybe not actual writing, but definitely outlining, and summarizing what I have into my Simple Note app. Now, I will be able to write while on the road, or away from my desk.

I believe I can outline both the rest of Dragon File and Remains of the Day novels perhaps by the end of the weekend or at the very latest the end of this week. I still need to re-read what I have already written as I haven’t done much work on these two novels for quite a long while. It’s a start.

I am still hoping to get all three novels first drafted by the end of the year. At least if I shoot for this goal, I may complete one or two which would be quite rewarding. I might pull it off too; since, I tend to be one of those people who when they put their mind to something, they tend to complete it. I can only give it my best, although I am pretty determined at this point.  I am also trying to maintain this blog.
—Robert Confiant 4 July 2020

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