Night breakthroughs

I spent last night writing a chapter for one of the novels I am working on (I took the advice to just write anything down on paper). It was rubbish.

This morning I had a breakthrough for the opening of said chapter.  More often than not, if I sleep on it, a solution presents itself. It’s not always the case, sometimes a solution comes in the middle of the night and then I forget it. I should actually have a notepad to jot the idea down. Luckily, the break through I got last night happened just before the alarm went off. I was able to recall the story line.

For me, this second run at the chapter turned out better than the crap I wrote last night. It was better written and the flow of the story was smoother. The second draft of the chapter made more sense to me. It was a tale and not just a bunch of story points. Whereas the previous chapter script seemed much like catch points than a story.
—Robert Confiant 14 July 2020

One thought on “Night breakthroughs

  1. I too have started leaving papers and pen next to my bed because of one too many ideas lost in my confidence of retaining them. Wishing you all the best in you writerly pursuits!


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