If you have been wondering

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If you have been wondering why I haven’t posted any of my usual insights, or themed excerpts of my life, you should know that I have been busy writing my memoir. I wrote 5,000 words yesterday and rebuilt one of the chapters I lost Thursday night.

I don’t want to give great detail on the format nor outline of the story as I don’t want to give any spoilers. If you are already familiar with my page, you will know some of the material in the book albeit phrased and illustrated in greater detail than I post on this page.

I have half the book completed, well first draft anyway. That’s pretty good I only started a month ago. At this rate, I should have first draft completed by next month. At which time, I will take a break from it and work on one of my other two novels, the Lendaw sequel and the political thriller, which are sorely being overlooked. My goal is to try to get all first drafts done by the end of the year. Thus, I may not post my usual content for the foreseeable future.

Robert Confiant
10 July 2020

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