Working those chapters

I wrote two chapters so far today. I hope to complete another chapter before the end of the day.

am writing

I didn’t do much writing over the weekend. I didn’t like what I had written when I last left the memoir and I wanted to let things brew before I attempted the chapter again. It worked. This morning I was able to rework the chapter I had left and I continued with the rest of the chapter easily. Sometimes one just needs to step away.

I have chapter titles and a few points outlined for each of the remaining chapters. I am off work on covidcation/staycation this week and I would love to complete the first draft of my memoir. It’s doable.

After this, I will break from the memoir and work on the thriller novel. Either the actual story or the complete outline. To date, the thriller novel is only twenty-five percent completed.
—Robert Confiant 3 August 2020

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