A rude awaking

Yesterday, I had an awakening on my health.

I am not young (nor do I consider myself old). I am a 58 years old man. I am obese and physically out of physical shape. I have Cerebral Palsy which after many years of impact walking has resulted with osteoarthritis in my hips, lower-back and my left knee. I also have other health issues which should strive me to live a healthier lifestyle.

Yesterday, I walked to the mall for lunch with my co-worker. After I got there, it took me twenty minutes or so to catch my breath. I have asthma but it was this that made me winded – it was being out of shape. I don’t walk much anymore.

I work from home most days these days due to Covid-19. When I do go to the office, I get a drive to and from work. Where once I took transit part of the way which force me to do some walking, I no longer need to walk as much (to be transparent here, I don’t need to walk much at all).

It isn’t all bad news. I have managed to lose over twenty pounds in the last half of year. Although, I have plateaued since then. I am proud of the weight loss I have done, but I know, now, I need to do more.

Every May, we have done an exercise contest in our department at work. I carried it forward for a little while (for a few weeks afterwards). I have decided to restart the May exercise program. I have also decided to start walking more.

I have long ago started eating better and I have no desire to diet as they have proven not to work in the long term. I will continue to eat as healthy as I can without dieting. I will also strive to continue exercising throughout the remainder of my life.

New life, new goals.
—Robert Confiant 9 October 2020

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