Plugging along…

How are things? How are you holding up? Those are the big questions these days, what with everything going on. These are strange times. If one would have asked me at the start of the year, I could not see this coming – this lock down due to Covid-19; not in a million years.

Since I can’t do much and we are all in the same boat, I ask my friends and family the same questions, now I am asking you, “How are things and how are you holding up?”

I have been hit and miss for me – I have good days and I have bad days; although, I have not experience great bouts of depression, so that’s one good thing. It’s been what it’s been about seven months, if not more that this ride began? It looks like we have at least another year before this even start to get back to normal, if not more. Thus, it’s check-in time.

How about it then? How are things? If you’re like me, then you are surviving. You’re doing your best to keep everything as normal as possible. I work from home most of the week and go into work. It looks as if they will be close to reopening to the public soon. I work in a cubical literally now, I am now working in a box and we wear masks when we are away from out station. It’s all good, it for my protection as well as my co-workers’. At home, I mostly stay-in (I am at higher risk than most). I am luckier than most, I have my husband to keep me company. He tends to do his thing and I do mine – surf the web, read and write. Although, my writing is hit and miss. If it wasn’t for this blog, I wouldn’t be writing at all (there’s a little indication that there are cracks in the façade, though I don’t feel off; it’s there though there is no deny that – I am keeping a mental note of it).

That’s it; that’s all. I don’t really do much. It may seem boring, but it is what it is. As I said, “These are trying times for all of us.”
—Robert Confiant 12 October 2020

2 thoughts on “Plugging along…

  1. I used to be a pretty lazy person, then I found that I actually thrived under the full lockdowns. Now that everything’s recovering and is implemented half-assedly where I live, I actually feel my fire start to fade. It’s weird that the worse things get, the better I do.


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