I am turning back the clock

I have been doing this health kick since Christmas break. I never planned it; it took a life of its own.

I had gained a lot of weight a few months before. I hate to admit this, but I let myself get out of control. As I gain weight, I cannot move well, and thus I cannot exercise without being breathless or my hips and knees hurting while I try to exercise. It becomes cyclic in that I gain weight and, therefore, cannot exercise; I cannot exercise, and thus I gain weight and use my poor health because I don’t do anything about it.

The Christmas season is terrible, with all the junk food and snacks coming into the office. I cannot say, “No,” and ignore it. I know I am pathetic, and I need to have show some will power, but there it is.

I have been doing good since after Christmas. I have been exercising by doing anything I can without straining or injuring myself. I have cut out a lot of junk food, and I have been eating healthier. I am starting to turn back the clock. I haven’t broken the 220lb mark; although, I am very nearly there. I am at my lowest weight since my knees and hips started acting up (about five years or so). On the other hand, my blood pressure is back to normal, so that’s good.

I am taking things slowly. As I have said, “I am taking a life journey.” The weight didn’t come overnight, and it isn’t going off overnight either. At least, I am no longer in the Obese III category.

I am writing; I am revising my memoir. I continue to self-learn French. These two activities keep me busy when I am not working, and they keep me sane as I deal with the Covid isolation.

Everything is good at my end. I hope you all are doing well and keeping healthy.
—Robert Confiant 31 January 2021

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