Going along for the ride

Life is doing its thing. It’s moving ever forward, though every day seems the same.

I don’t feel like I am in a rut, but life sure is. Except for the odd run to the drug store and going into work some days, I don’t do much. Everything I am doing is home bound.

I am still learning French; it’s been slow progress (I read more than I speak. I may start reading aloud to see if that helps). I watch movies, documentaries and listen to music in French.

I am still on my health kick. I haven’t lost much weight these past few weeks, but I have lost a half inch around my belly (Notice, I didn’t say, “Waist”). Although last week, I am exercising, I didn’t exercise every day due to stomach issues and aching hips. It’s going well this week 100 squats, modified sit ups, push ups, and butt lifts two days in a row, plus a bit of a walk today.

I edited some of my memoirs last week, hoping that it would get me back into writing; it didn’t. I guess my mind isn’t into it. With the mind game of dealing with the Covid situation, we’re all experiencing at the moment. I don’t feel down or depressed, but losing interest in what one previously liked is a sure sign I am somewhat depressed. My writing will have to wait.
Robert Confiant 21 February 2021Going alo

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