I am well on my way. I started right after Christmas. I didn’t plan to begin a weight loss journey; it just happened.

I am on a lot of medications. One for my Cerebral Palsy and two for Discoid Lupus; one helps me walk better, and the other two keep my skin from breaking out in sores and rashes. All my medications are tough on the liver. As a result, I go for regular blood work, and I decided to cut back on my drinking. After I stopped drinking, I began to cut back on my eating (portion sizes and snacks). Once I decided to lose weight, I had a co-work snap a picture.

The before and after pictures illustrate my weight loss progress; sometimes, one cannot see the progress one has made otherwise.

It’s been a slow process; however, I figured it took me a lifetime to gain the weight; it won’t matter if I take a year or so to lose it. I am striving for a lifestyle change rather than trying another diet only to regain it afterward.
—Robert Confiant 9 April, 2021

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