My Level of Patience Varies Depending on the Day

My level of patience varies. It varies not only in what I am working on or doing at the time, and it depends on the day.

I am a good teacher now, but I wasn’t always. When I first started, I had no patience to teach a person. I once tried to teach my brother the computer; it was a disaster. My brother got frustrated, and I lost my cool with him. Eventually, he just gave up, and I didn’t push him to learn such an important new skill at the time (this was back in 1989 when computers were becoming popular).

I learned from my mistakes back then. Before, I would sit in front of the keyboard and demonstrate how to accomplish the task or tasks they wished to do. I not longer sit in the chair when I teach someone anything on the computer. Instead, I have the person sit and slowly walk them through the steps to complete their task. I know now that this is the worst method to teach someone how to use or perform a computer operation. Me teaching others how to do computing also taught me patience.

I am more patient than I used to be, although I have more patience on some days more than other days. Sometimes, I am not in the mood to teach or deal with customers, which is especially true when I think the customer is an idiot). As a customer service clerk, clients can be trying at times. There are some days I have more tolerance with them than other times (thankfully, this doesn’t happen too often.

I am probably too hard on myself here while discussing patience. I think we all have our days where we are more tolerant of others who are learning a new skill or who sometimes push one’s buttons.
—Robert Confiant 16 May 2021

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