Everything changed, when…

I started Dantrium capsules on May 13, 2017, and my walking has never been the same; my trot vastly improved. The difference was like night and day. Before the pills, I never knew what it was like to experience relaxed leg muscles – the spasticity was gone. For the first time in my fifty-year life span, I was free of that pain.

Four or five years before taking the prescription, I was struggling. I was in pain and falling down a lot. I had Osteoarthritis in my hips and knees – all those years of pounding on the pavement caught up with me. Where once I was working out in the gym, well, that became impossible. I eventually had to abandon my workouts, which caused me to gain weight, which caused me to deteriorate further health-wise. Nine years ago, my quality of life was poor.

Dantrium helped ease my struggle within a week. But for the first few days, I was pretty out of it. I had to take some time off work because I couldn’t function. The pills made me feel intoxicated; there is no other word for it. I remember on the third day, and I returned to the office. The whole journey to work was a struggle. I had to physically exert extra force to keep my balance and maintain my upright position while walking. At one point, I feared that I would fall onto the Skytrain tracks. When I finally arrived at work, my co-worker chastised me for coming to the office while stoned. Luckily, my head cleared by the afternoon. Ever since, things, for the most part, have been great. My arthritis still makes it difficult to work out, and I continued to gain weight.

This past winter, my leg muscles began to tighten up. I asked my doctor to increase my meds, but he told me to try exercising my legs. On doctor’s orders, after Christmas, I started exercising. I had long ago moderated my drinking because the meds I was on (Dantrium and others) were hard on my liver. With the extreme moderate drinking and my exercising, I began to lose weight. At first, the weight loss was dramatic, with me losing five to seven pounds a week. These results caused me to continue cutting back on my portion size and gradually increasing my exercises. Over these last (about) six months, my weight loss levelled off to one or two pounds every week or three. I have managed to stick with the program and am determined to get to 25 to 30lbs over BMI, or thereabouts (I think it’s a realistic goal with my age, it’s an achievable goal).

I don’t consider the program to be a diet. I still eat what I wish; I eat healthier choices most of the time. I am shooting for a lifestyle change over dieting.

 I still have a long way to go, but I like my progress. I didn’t put on the weight overnight, and I cannot expect to lose it overnight either.
—Robert Confiant 5 June 2021

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