Back at it

Well, I am back in the office full-time. I get my second Covid shot tomorrow; then I am off for stay-cation for a little over a week.

I am taking transit to work for most of the trip, so now I have time to write or read. The commute hasn’t been too bad though it’s early days. I haven’t got much longer to do this, less than a year, then I retire. I am leaving early.

To say that it has been a weird year and a half would be an understatement. I enjoyed the ease of working from home and eventually attending the office once in a while, but it’s good to be back in the office. Things at the office have been busy. However, things never slowed down as I had initially thought they would have when Covid first started the first shutdown.

When I started commuting this week, I was worried about my asthma and breathing, but they have been manageable. Of course, it helps that I have lost almost forty pounds. I still have a long way to go on my weight loss journey, but I am well on my way. The extra walking should hasten the weight loss and increase my lung compacity.

All in all, life hasn’t been too bad.
—Robert Confiant 17 June 2021

One thought on “Back at it

  1. Oh yeah, I’ve been enjoying the WFH arrangement too, though I have to say that the cut down in commute is being overshadowed by the constant need to be ‘on’. Anyway, enjoy your staycation!


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